About Vajr Jewels

The VAJR JEWELS has been adding radiance to the Jewel that is the city of Hyderabad for more than a century now. VAJR JEWELS Team had the privilege to cater to The Royalty of Hyderabad and a large clientele both in India and abroad.VAJR JEWELS is a household name in Hyderabad when it comes to Jewellery.Known for our unmatched craftsmanship and impeccable quality & Service we have earned the name we have today.

Our VAJR JEWELS store at Gandhi Nagar is one of the first to be opened here in the heart of the city. The store boasts of a sense of grandeur that you will immediately be overcome by but with the quaint warmth of a family that just wants you to have the best of things.

VAJR JEWELS and the TEAM behind it have a way of letting you feel that you’re indeed special.

Our craftsmen have kept at par with current trends that the world of Jewellery undergoes constantly. Albeit without losing touch with the unmistakable allure of traditional designs. Quality at Musaddilal’s is unparalleled. Hence, the ever-adoring and loyal customer base.

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